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Language internships abroad, organized by the professional team of "Lingua" EC is an individual format, designed just for you!

Are you over 14 years old?

Interested in learning a language directly in the country it is spoken?


Want to prepare for an international exam and take it in Great Britain? But you don't want to go with a group?

We will be happy to find a suitable course for you or your child, help with visa to Great Britain, with tickets, with organization of the entire trip, if necessary.


What awaits you, for example, in Great Britain?

  • You are in the epicentre of classic English;
  • when you go on your own, you are supposed to deal with all the difficulties yourself, which means that you will have to speak the language 24/7;
  • Starting at the age of 16 children attend schools for adults, where studying is not easy, as at classic British summer camps, but serious and intensive, with homework and better result;
  • you will always find something to do in your free time. Great Britain is famous for its sights, many of them are absolutely free;
  • If you aren’t into shopping, you're very lucky. If you are, you shouldn’t take more than 5kg with you in your suitcase. There is a strict limit on taking only up to 23kg back home. You will easily get your suitcase full with new clothes, unusual drinks and treats.

We work directly with a British company which has been successfully selecting the best offers at the educational market for 5 years.


Contact us by phone: 8 (8412) 399-464. We will be happy to help you find what you have always wanted, but been unable to express it. We know how to ask the right questions!


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